Employees Compensation Insurer Insolvency Bureau ("the Bureau") is a company limited by guarantee and was incorporated under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance on 18 February 2003. It was set up by the insurance industry to give effect to an agreement entered into on 21 February 2003 between the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Bureau ("the Insolvency Fund Agreement").

In accordance with the Insolvency Fund Agreement, the Government and the Bureau have agreed to establish the Employees Compensation Insurer Insolvency Scheme ("the Insolvency Fund Scheme") to assume responsibility for the liabilities of insurers engaging in employees' compensation business that become insolvent on or after 1 April 2004. The liabilities in question were previously covered by the Employees Compensation Assistance Scheme ("ECAS") established under the Employees Compensation Assistance Ordinance (Cap. 365 of the laws of Hong Kong) and have been excised from the scope of ECAS from 1 April 2004 pursuant to the provisions of the Employees Compensation Assistance (Amendment) Ordinance 2002, enacted by the Legislative Council in June 2002.

The Bureau is funded by contributions from members calculated at a percentage of gross premium of employees' compensation policies written with effect from 1 April 2003. The current funding rate is fixed at 2%. The Bureau plans to accumulate funds over a long period of time. If the fund size reaches a comfortable level in the future and there is a margin for a reduction of the rate of contribution, the Bureau may respond positively to such circumstances.

The scope of the Insolvency Fund Scheme and the claims and settlement procedures will largely be the same as those under the existing ECAS. In the event the fund size falls short of the total amount of prospective claims, claimants shall have to queue for receipt of compensation.

保險公司 ( 僱員補償 ) 無力償債管理局 (“ 本局 ”) 2003 2 18 日根據香港公司條例註冊成為法團公司,是家由保險業建立的擔保有限公司。成立本局之目的是執行本局與香港特別行政區政府於 2003 2 21 日訂立的保險業無力償還債務基金協議。

按照無力償還債務基金協議,政府與本局同意成立保險公司 ( 僱員補償 ) 無力償債管理計劃 (“ 無力償還債務基金計劃 ”) 。這基金已承擔在 2004 4 1 日或之後就從事僱員補償業務而又無力償債的保險人有關的債務責任。有關的債務過往是由根據僱員補償援助條例 ( 香港法例第 365 ) 成立的僱員補償援助計劃所承擔,由 2004 4 1 日起,依據立法會於 2002 6 月制定的 2002 年僱員補償援助 ( 修訂 ) 條例,從僱員補償援助計劃分拆出來。

本局現時的基金是由成員供款,數額按由 2003 4 1 日起生效的僱員補償保單的保金總額某百分率計算,而此百分率目前固定為2%。待基金經一段長時間累積後,金額達相當充裕水平時,本局會考慮將供款額調低。





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